Kick Boxing

This fun, non-contact workout taxes the entire body and can be done almost anywhere.

“Through the one pointed focus of The Kick Boxer Workout harmony is created between Body, Mind and Spirit.”

The Boxer needs it all: power, speed, endurance, reaction, flexibility and balance. The Kick Boxer Workout helps build a healthy heart, improved circulation, greater stroke volume and lower resting pulse. The subtle feints, slips, footwork, weight transfer, the careful establishment of distance and range all contribute to ones athleticism no matter what your sporting modality may be.

The workout starts with a warm up of shadow boxing which also includes punches, kicks and skipping to get the body warmed up for the 3 minute “rounds” to follow.
The heart of the workout encompasses punching bags and focus pads which tone the shoulders and arms. The rotation of the torso to deliver explosive punches helps to lean up and strengthen the waistline and the kicks ensure that the heart rate is elevated whilst firming up the butt muscles and strengthening the legs.

Between rounds the client will do skipping, upper body and abdominal strengthening exercises such as push ups and sit ups to name a few to keep the workout challenging and with optimal calorie expenditure.