Group classes:

The Reformer full body:

The Reformer is the most versatile of the Pilates machines and covers all the different aspects in one workout.

Mobilizing, stabilizing and strengthening the arms & legs whilst continuously working on core strength makes the Reformer full body workout will tick all the boxes.

The Reformer Cardio Tramp:

Get your heart rate pumping and build up a sweat with this unique horizontal jumping workout on the Reformer that everyone loves so much! Alternating between various ways of jumping and doing strength & stretching exercises in between, you’ll be sure to get a great overal body workout.

Reformer & Accessories:

A perfect combo of Pilates Reformer & Mat exercises with accessories. Half of the session is mat based and the other half Reformer giving you a very complete workout.

Fusion Fitness & Pilates:

The best of both worlds! By combining strength & cardio exercises from the fitness component with the more focused & gentle exercises from Pilates we target both the bigger ‘mobilizer’ muscles as well as the smaller ‘stabilizer’ muscles in 1 session.

Intermediate/ Advanced:

For those who have prior Pilates Reformer experience and who can perform more complex exercises. The participants need to have good body awareness, coordination, control, stability & flexibility.

Pilates chair & Accessories:

The latest addition to our group class schedule A dynamic full body workout with it’s own unique repertoire of exercises done on a multifunctional Pilates machine. For all levels.


A fun energetic circuit style non-contact boxing class using focus pads & heavy bags combined with Fitness exercises.

Private Lessons
Single session: Chf 130

Package of 10: Chf 1200 ( valid for 12 weeks)

Semi-private Sessions

Duo single session: Chf 160
Package of 10: Chf 1500 ( valid for 12 weeks)

Trio single session: Chf 195
Package of 10: Chf 1800 ( valid for 12 weeks)

Group Lessons

Trial lesson: Chf 40
Single class: Chf 60
package of 10: Chf 500
Package of 5: Chf 275 ( valid for 8 weeks)
Package of 10: Chf 500 ( Valid for 12 weeks)
Package of 25: Chf 1125 (valid for 16 weeks)
Package of 50: Chf 2000 ( valid for 20 weeks)

  • The duration of each session is 55 minutes.
  • Private lessons, duo or trio are offered by appointment only.
  • For safety and hygiene reasons we require that everyone wears gripper socks during the Pilates equipment classes, which can be purchased at the studio.
  • The studio is a ‘no street shoe zone’ so please remove and store them at the dedicated area.
  • Please bring indoor sport shoes for the fitness & boxing classes.
  • The studio has a strict 24 hour cancellation policy

Class Schedule & Bookings

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