The Kettlebell training has a powerful synergy with Pilates by sharing the same principles relating to the correct position of the spine whilst moving.

“Improve strength, balance, agility and endurance.”

An exercise method dating way back, first appearing in a Russian dictionary in 1704. Presently used by the Russian Army and Special Forces for many years to develop strength and flexibility.

The Kettlebell or girya (Russ.) is a cannonball-shaped cast iron weight with a handle, dubbing it the “AK-47” of gym equipment. It is used to improve strength, balance, agility and endurance.

The kettlebells not only work the muscles without bulking them up but also provide a great form of cardiovascular exercise that melts the fat off.

The offset weight amplifies the feedback and forces you to swing it ballistically using your hips while relaxing the arms, the way an athlete is supposed to move. This encourages mobility and stability, which is the foundation for supreme upper body strength and resilience.

The exercises involve a diverse range of natural movements controlling, lifting and swinging the kettlebells using your entire body.

The core and lower back are targeted creating a powerful link between the torso and legs.